Monday, October 05, 2009

Sick, petty and whimsical

When it comes to being sick I'm like a three year old. I'm like Sheldon with the annoying kitty song. I love being tucked in bed, having soup and tea sent over to my bedroom and other very petty things. I cof a lot to get my share of attention and I make a fuzzy and sickly voice. I wander around the house in PJs wrapped around my blanket with the aliens and spaceships pattern (how very geek of me). I drink warm beverages from my Disney mug or - if it's Winter - from my Rudolph-shaped mug. But the greatest thing about being sick is watching TV in bed. I remember one year when it poured all day long and I never once got out of bed. I spent my day sleeping and watching re-runs of old 80s series (Alf, All in the family, Allo Allo and Family Ties). It is one of my cherished memories (when it comes to being sick, I mean). And of course, there's the Disney movies. Everytime I get sick I get me a few of my childhood movies and watch them in bed. It's what brings joy to seasonal flu. So on those few days a year I indulge in all harmless pettiness. And I guess that's what's in store for me tomorrow...

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Tati said...

Não sabia que também vias essa série (Sheldon)...também gosto muito.