Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 - The good

Onto the silver lining...

The good. Finished bachelor degree and started master (this sounds so weird... is the terminology correct?). I was expecting it to be boring as hell, but actually I'm having fun! Who knew translating could be interesting? I certainly didn't.

Said I'd find me a suitable teacher and start singing again. And so I did. Didn't expect to get into a choir and sing on stage again, let alone do it well. Learned a lot about harmonies, which is awesome.

Wanted to try doing an acting course. Ended up doing two. Had the most fun ever. Perfomed on Culturgest. Loosened up some more, did things I never thought I had the guts to, all the while meeting great people in the process.

After two years I left KEPs. Which is really really sad. It broke my heart. But it also made me feel good about myself. Really mature and grown-up for actually letting go of something I cherished so deeply in order focus on my studies. And all ego-boosts are more than welcome!

Got into that School of Musicals course. All I can do here is quote Barney: It's gonna be legen- wait for it -dary! And now a little Quagmire: Allriiiight ;)

Managed to read both Gone with the wind and Catch trap. Big yay! And altogether read 29 books this year. Patting myself in the back for that one.

Gathered the guts to cut the crap and go to a shrink. Seriously, I'm a nut case. I should've done this years ago.

Throughout the year I went to the theater quite a few times. I feel so cosmopolitan...

And probably the most important of all - made a plan. Came to peace with certain aspects of myself and thought about all sorts of different roads I might wanna follow. All that whatever will be will be is finally sinking in. Ceasing overthinking protocol. Fireworks!!!

All in all 2009 was a great year. Sure some things went wrong. Some made me feel like banging my head against a wall for all my lack of self-control. But there were also loads of good stuff. Tons of new experiences. A year for personal growth... And yet... God I feel like Hachi!


xary said...

e lendo The Bad e depois The Good, acho que se pode dizer que um dos lados superou incrivelmente o outro. Congrats to you e que em 2010 todas essas coisas boas e muitas mais se acentuem! :D

beijos grandes, joaninha*

marina said...

ena! ainda que 2009 serviu para tudo! que grandes passos que deste :) espero que 2010 sirva, não só de continuação a toda essa aprendizagem, mas também de incentivo para coisas novas ;)

bom ano! **