Monday, December 14, 2009

Personal Fame

Ok, so I'm tired of keeping myself from letting the cat out of the bag. I GOT IN!!! I wasn't even going to audition, I was sadly resigned that there was no way I could go and so assembled a nice consolation prize to keep me from tears. But last minute developments (plus all the recent musical-mania) led me to it. I ran hell for leather without really knowing what I was doing. Didn't even have time to prepare anything, I just winged it! By the time I finished the third and last audition I was in a daze. Then the results came. And even after 30 hours I still can't really believe I did it.

1 comment:

Tati said...

yay congratulations!!!!
eu lembro-me de me teres falado nisso.achavas q não ias...afinal havia outra!