Thursday, December 03, 2009

Musical randomness

Thanks to S-chan I found this radio on media player with musicals only. 24/7. It's amazing! So last few days I kinda felt like I was finally back home. I also learned how little I know musicalwise. Seriously, there's musicals about anything! There's a Shrek musical! It's an insanely huge world. Now picture my face smiling and my eyes twinkling all over the place. Yep, that's how I feel. I could devote my life (musicwise) to musicals only and I wouldn't ever get tired or bored!

Also last week I got tired of reading Lea Salonga and Kristin Chenoweth's tweets on Glee and decided to watch the show to see what all the fuss was about. I was hooked within ten minutes. Lea Michele started singing On my own and that was it for me (even though her character is a pain in the ass).

So basically my life now is musicals, musicals, musicals. Which is heaven. With the occasional pain of me realizing I'm just singing along in my bedroom with a pathetic glow in my eyes. And then all hell breaks loose. Until some parody on Andrew Lloyd Webber or Topol or Rent comes on. Then I smile and it's all good again.

Well anyway, with a bit of time and a self-esteem boost I hope that song from La Cage aux Folles will finally hit me...

The best of times is now
What's left of Summer but a faded rose?
The best of times is now
As for tomorrow well,
Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?
So hold this moment fast
And live and love as hard as you know how
And make this moment last
Because the best of times is now, is now, is now.

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batedor3d said...

There isn't anything pathetic, just differences in opinions.

To me if something does make you glow or shine than its worth of it, and even if its pathetic to the eyes of someone... at least you feel good with your self and enjoy the moment.

so mind your self and enjoy those moments of true hapiness