Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Special is a tricky word

People keep telling me how special I am and I don't get it. To me I'm plain normal.

I don't think checking whether Lando is wearing Han Solo's clothes at the end of The Empire Strikes Back just because there's a reference in Family Guy makes me special. At best it might just make me a little weird.

Oh, and by the way, he is. What is up with that? Why's he wearing...? Wait, how can he? At that moment Han was neatly hanging up on a wall in Jabba's Palace (wearing said clothes)... right? Or maybe Han Solo is just one of those guys who have tons of identical outfits, in which case then one would assume Lando was - for whatever reason - in his closet, therefore leading one to all sorts of puns and jokes... Huummm... Now I'll be up all night thinking about it...

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Kepster said...

So mesmo tu! LoLoLoL