Sunday, December 20, 2009


I hate the day after a show. Little energy and the inevitable sense of void. Specially with theater. Cause there's no class to go back to on mondays and thursdays.

If I were to psycho-analyse me (which indeed I'm about to do) I'd say this all goes back to my childish need to nest. To feel that I belong. That certain people are - in certain aspects - my people. My theater buddies. My KEPs. My college colleages. My family. Mine, mine, mine.

And right now it feels like it's all slipping away. Mature, sensible me knows that's just the way things are and it's all for the best. It's a hiatus. A Christmas break, if you will. Come January I'll start with the school of musicals, college evaluation and singing classes. On February a new theater course will begin. In fact, I should be glad to have these two weeks to focus on my studies and the holidays!

Too bad inner child me is running the place.

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