Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 on wings

This will be a year on the go. Three (probably four) plane tickets, one of them one-way. The big push. Destination: United Kingdom. As the trip on my birthday is finally taking shape (plane and coach tickets are taken care of, schedules are being made, new luggage was bought) I'm already thinking about the big one. Sometime around August.

Today I did my first attempt at it. I grabbed the huge new bag and stuffed it with all I could think of: PJs, socks, trousers, underwear, t-shirts, tops, cardigans, scarves, books, footwear, accessories and my extra pair of glasses. It got filled to the brim faster than I thought. It amazed me. How am I going to choose exactly what to take and what to leave behind? This not to say that I have a lot of stuff (if I do or not that's beside the point), but rather that this is my life in a bag. Well, for about three months, but still! It's a lot of time away from what I now call home and with no chance (or so I like to think) of coming back before Christmas is here again.

Luckily by then I won't be alone. I'll have a (most) loved one to guide me and help me along the unknown path. And that makes all the difference.

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