Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am what I am*

I'm a slow starter. It takes me ages to fully wake up. Usually my feet touch the ground about thirty minutes after the first time the alarm clock goes off and until I've had my shower and finished breakfast I'm not in for business yet. It's not hard to deal with. Let me wake up my way and then engage me. Most people get it. They look at me like I'm a zoo animal, but they respect it.

But not him though. I've lived with him all my life (going on a quarter of a century now) and I'm still showered with information and orders (I tried typing the word 'requests' but it's so not what it really is that I had to delete it) before I can even reach the kitchen. Throughout my life I've been judged by the way I look in the morning and I'm fed up. So, since I can't change the system (because it's cranky and old and believes itself to be almighty) I turn to blogger instead. This is not about pointing fingers, this is just what I'd like to tell the world (since some people are deaf):

I'm not worse for being the way that I am. I'm sure the world is filled with slow starters just like me. And it's no sin to be this way, it's not a flaw, it's just the way I'm wired. It doesn't make me lazy or negative or unwilling to relate and cooperate with the troubles of others. I don't look mad, I look sleepy. Of course if people keep bombarding me with stuff and keep me from having breakfast... then I might get mad, but that's a whole other issue. Bottom line is: I'm a good person. I just happen to take longer to get operacional. And that's okay.

*La cage aux folles

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Tati said...

epa é por isso que uns são verdes e outros amarelos...o teu post lembrou-me agora daqueles dias (de menina e moça, não, estou a gozar) em que eu ia com a Marina de barco. De manhã ela ia toda eléctrica e eu ia a morrer; á tarde ia eu eléctrica e ela a morrer...
deixa lá isso.