Sunday, January 30, 2011

Packing mode on

Some days I get into packing mode. Stare at my book shelves and think what am I going to take first. I write down things I will need to buy. I enter into the winter sports section to look at gloves because it's so cold up there. I log on to amazon and glance at the domestic rates instead of the international ones. And today has been one of those days. Today I spent the whole afternoon at his folks'. Got some coffee for him and some bubblewrap for me (for the painting I bought in Brussels and now want to take with me to this new life). And it got me thinking we're not dreaming anymore; we're planning. The things we discuss have become more practical. What I should take, when and where we'll meet, which tube ticket should I buy, who will drive me to the airport etc. And I love every single bit of it.

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