Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alakazam and here we go

So the internship started. I was hoping for somewhat of a different start. Mind you, not drums, trumpets and a red carpet, but at least some sense of anouncement. To feel that it's getting near. The last few months I've either been up to my ears with work or had absolutely nothing to do (hence the scarf frenzy). And it's a pretty fast change from one to the other. One day I was running errands on my own, twenty four hours later I had 12,000 words to translate.

Anyway, I'm loving it. Not the stress of having to hit a number everyday, but the sense that I have something to keep me on my toes. Some kind of responsibility. Ever since 2011 kicked in I felt I was trapped facing a wall. Now I found the key. Or the jewel-like thingy that you plug into the wall, then turn and then find out there's a secret passage way. You know, whatever makes you tick.

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