Friday, January 28, 2011


So the first month of the year is nearly gone and what do I have to show for myself? Well, the internship started about a week ago. Loads of red tape business to go, but I'm on it. I'm loving it (McDonalds references aside). It's a lot of work and a monumental change of pace, but I think I can cope with it. The idea of getting a part time job went out the window, but with a bit of luck and loads of hard work I might survive without it as is. Started another Spanish course and have a hunch I'll be using the language way before I anticipated. Went to the movies twice. Not great, but hey, not bad either. Am on my way to starting my fifth book of the year. Huge yay there! What else? Things with the wolf are amazing as ever. I can feel all the tiny cogwheels starting to move regarding my moving there in the summer. So yeah, it's all good. And I'm loving 2011 :)

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