Monday, January 04, 2010

All you need is love

(This is a very, very corny title for a post, but there we go...)

While I was taking a break from all those German translation theories I caught something on tv. A woman that had a handicaped son and felt like her world had just colapsed. Like it was all over and nothing could fix it and things would never be alright again. Her son was broken and there was no repair. And the way this was filmed (it was fiction... I'm not telling what exactly because then I'd have to put on a spoiler alert and I don't want to, so deal with it as it is) just made me mad.

Yes, people are entitled to react differently when hit by tragedy. But - being fiction - I just hated the way it was portrayed. I have a handicaped brother and it's not the end of the world. Of course a lot of times the whole situation stinks... believe me! It's a pain having someone depending on you to be fed or to have a clean dry diaper. There's no fun in canceling dinner with your friends so you can stay home and babysit. Or getting up on a sunday morning to take care of someone else's basic needs. Not that I have to do it everyday (hey, lets be honest!)...

I'm drifting... What I mean to say is: at the end of the day that disabled child that changed your whole world is still your kid. They know your voice, they smile at you, throw tantrums and have their own way of doing things. And sometimes they learn to do something new. It doesn't really matter what they can or can't do, whether they'll ever walk or be able to use a spoon - so what if they never go to college or drive a car? they can still be happy. And that laugh beats everything. Because you know that that child has everything it needs. That despite all that he is missing he can still look you in the eye and you just know that he's happy. And that's everything.

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