Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The new year's eve drama

I'm a major what if thinker. And lately I've been thinking about last New Year's Eve. You see, I was supposed to go to a friend's house for dinner and then get on my car and drive to this huge party with loads and loads of people and party till the cows come home. But I never made it to the second party.

I promised I'd go (in fact, I was first invited to that one), but one thing led to another: dinner was running late, I was tired and sleep-deprived, I'm mighty scared of driving on New Year's Eve, it was raining cats and dogs, my eyes were still re-adjusting themselves from their first 3D movie, it was a considerably long drive... and at some point it got too late for me to get there before midnight and right after midnight someone turned on Buzz and before I knew it I was beating everyone's ass and they wouldn't let me leave. And I kept winning and time just flew by!

And I'm a bit sorry I didn't also go to the other one. Which is incredibly stupid. I had a great time with my friends that night - I should be happy! Period! But I never was much of a settler. And sometimes I start to wonder what if I'd gone to the other one. I'm sure it was a blast, but then so was mine. In the immortal words of Queen:

I want it all, I want it all, I want it all
And I want it now!

I now have no idea where I'm going with this. When I started this was supposed to be a happy post. A post on how I'm so glad I have so much I even get all drama queen about it! On how lucky I am that I got parties to choose from. And that they were both awesome even though I only attended one of them. The fact that I didn't leave that first one was because I was having so much fun I kept delaying my departure, so... it's all good! Somehow all the whining and the potential regret I might feel is a sign that I should feel happy and blessed. And that this gonna be a great year...

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