Thursday, January 14, 2010

A wooden leg named Smith

I love Mary Poppins. I've lost track of how many times I've watched it. And yet I keep giggling in the Uncle Albert scene. I guess it really is countagious. Plus I kinda have a soft spot for David Tomlinson and Dick Van Dyke. No disregard meant, Julie Andrews. You're a given diva and will forever have a special place in my heart. Not to say the whole Hepburn-Oscar thing just makes me smile viciously and go Ah-ha!... (I love you Audrey, but) take that casting people!!!...

Anyway, the point is... I love reruns. Surprised? I guess not. When I like something I get totally obsessed about it. My family doesn't get me. At all. They believe that once you've seen it, you've seen and there's no point in going back to it. As if it's a matter of wasting time. It's a very robot-like point of view - the idea that time should only be invested on new data. I sorta respect that. Part of the thrill is gone, lost forever. Still, I love going back :)

People often look at me and ask why? And then I stare back and answer why not? I mean, isn't the purpose of free time to do something that makes you feel good? But I won't dwell on it. Instead, I'll just keep humming Let's go fly a kite while in class :)


Allie. said...

Vi o teu blog há uns tempos e gostei muito :)

Por acaso também sou assim. Quando gosto de uma coisa, vejo imensas vezes, aqui em casa já ninguém aguenta, mas eu vejo vezes sem conta :)
E o Mary Poppins é lindo, tenho o dvd e de vez em quando vejo, mas sabe-me sempre melhor no Natal. Deve ser do espírito da época.

:) Beijinho **

Zuza said...

tens um desafio no meu cantinho :)