Friday, January 15, 2010


I feel so discouraged today. I've had a lousy, dreadful night so far. Linguistics class was a total bloodbath. Ten people had their oral presentations tonight and all of them were ruthlessly taken down. She was a freaking Aquiles, dragging Hector around for all to see. Ten times over. I've forgotten how some people in that department are so obsessed about terminology. You have to say it all like you're one of them. Which of course you're not (but go see if they care!). It doesn't matter if you get the point and try to demonstrate and express it your way. It's simply their way or the highway.

So after such shameless treatment I now have to re-do my work. Do it her way. With columns. And trees. And compare bits of a novel in both languages. And research some more.

Well I'm too hurt for that now! I need mending! Yes, I'm a child and I'm not afraid to admit it! I need chocolate milk and some pampering! So I'll take the weekend off. Saturdays I can't work anyway and sunday will be relaxing day. Opening my mind to the dreadful task ahead.

And then I'll manage it better next week. I promise I won't procrastinate as much as I want to at this precise moment...

God I hate that woman right now...

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Tati said...

essa cadeira nem devia existir...força vá vai correr tudo bem contigo. kick some asses! kick some linguistic asses!(not funny but...oh know me...)