Monday, January 11, 2010

I love boring

I hate beginnings. The excitement of having to read between the lines and the not being sure... it makes me sick. I feel ackward. Not knowing what I can or can't make fun of, what to say, how to behave (and don't say Just be yourself cause there's no such thing!), whether that person's gonna find the bubbles and the mugs cute or just think I'm plain childish. I don't respond well to beginnings.

I like the middle. The boring stuff. Knowing what people are alergic to or what they eat for breakfast. It makes me feel safe. To have private jokes and use all sorts of references while speaking and be understood. To be confortable enough to forget my arm resting on someone's shoulder. Or to hug them. It takes time. Lord, it takes time! I blame it all on childhood experiences. So I like solid ground. Never was much of a leaper.

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